Corporate Wellness

Would you like your team to be healthier, more productive and more positive?

Corporate Services

In 2020 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) produced data for sickness and absence in the Labour Market. Their analysis demonstrated there are four main reasons for sickness absence in the UK. The 2020 figures are:

  • minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, diarrhoea, nausea etc (26.1%)
  • other conditions such as accidents, infectious diseases, skin disorders, diabetes etc (17.1%)
  • musculoskeletal problems (15.4%)
  • mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression etc (11.6%)

Give your staff a physical and psychological boost via Anita’s Corporate Wellness Seminars, Workshops and Group Meditation Sessions.

Anita's Corporate Experience

Anita not only worked as a Research Scientist for Astra Zeneca, but had a 20 year career in Banking that led her to be head-hunted by a big Australian Bank and move to Sydney for 12 years.

As a Senior Risk Manager, Anita was involved in:

  • Project Management
  • End to End System Testing
  • Banking Policy review & Risk Governance
  • Strategy development
  • Staff Management
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Managing budgets & financial planning/financial forecasting
  • Presentations to Senior Managers & Board Members…..and much more!


So you can be confident that Anita understands the stresses and pressure of Corporate life, for both the Leadership Teams and their staff

Health & Wellness Seminars

These can be specifically tailored to meet the physical and emotional needs of your staff.

Anita’s Health and Wellness seminars can be as long or as short as required.

Some ideas for seminar subjects to educate your team may be:

  • Biological causes of anxiety/depression and herbs, foods, nutrients that may reduce symptoms
  • Biological causes of stress and herbs, foods, nutrients that may improve resilience.
  • Biological causes of poor memory/brain fog and herbs, foods, nutrients that may improve focus & cognition
  • Biological causes of insomnia and herbs, foods, nutrients that may improve sleep
  • Biological causes of arthritis and musculo-skeletal pain and herbs, foods, nutrients that may alleviate symptoms.
  • Biological causes of poor immunity and herbs, foods, nutrients that may boost your immune system

         and many more.

Anita has appeared live on Wandsworth Radio and Riverside Radio, sharing her health & wellness expertise with listeners. Feedback from each radio host who interviewed her was that she was ‘a natural performer!’

Anita also appeared in the Australian version of ‘Ready, Steady Cook’ and WON!

Health & Wellness Workshops

Research demonstrate that staff are more likely to engage with wellness activities if there’s an element of team building and competition.

health and wellness workshops

Old habits die hard and your staff may struggle with motivation to address issues impacting their health. These may range from poor dietary choices, to staying up late watching TV leading to fatigue at work.

Anita’s Health & Wellness workshops are not about making your staff feel criticised and judged. It is about educating them as to why a chemical in their brain leads them to stay up late watching episode after episode of a box set. Or how a specific hormone imbalance may lead them to choose sugary fatty foods rather than more nutrient dense options.

In a workshop setting, Anita will set tasks so your staff can share their experiences of their lifestyle habits, dietary choices, likes and dislikes etc. Anita will also encourage them to share their self-sabotaging habits, weaknesses etc

Anita will then encourage your staff to set goals and pair up with a ‘buddy’ to hold them answerable to achieve their goals. At a future date Anita can also hold an ‘Accountability Workshop’ to see where everyone is with regards to their Health & Wellness goals.

Group Meditation

Meditation is defined as a group of self-regulation practices used to focus an individual’s attention in order to achieve increased voluntary control over various psycho-emotional and physiologic states.

It is an ancient practice originating around 1,500 BCE in India and is increasingly used as a modality to treat physical and psycho-emotional disorders, including anxiety (Satsangi and Brugnoli, 2018), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; Poissant et al., 2019), Majeed et al., 2018), depression (Carpena et al., 2019), irritable bowel syndrome (Gaylord et al., 2011), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD; Gallegos et al., 2017).

Meditation also has been found to increase focus and attention among adolescents and young adults (Serwacki and Cook-Cottone, 2012). Recently, data showed that mindfulness is inversely associated with depression and stress among medical students (Alzahrani et al., 2020).

Anita’s guided Group Meditations last 45mins-1hr and may be tailored to suit the needs of your team. They can be:

  • goal-oriented for specific outcomes related to your projects/implementations
  • relaxation-oriented to promote a calm, mindful workplace environment
  • involve Sound Healing techniques (soft drumming, Tibetian singing bowls etc) to shift energies/vibration of your team