Medieval astrology

Are you struggling with a big decision? Unsure which path to take?

Are You:

  • feeling bored and stuck in a rut in your life?
  • unfulfilled and demotivated in your career?
  • wishing you knew your life purpose?
  • thinking you may have undiscovered hidden talents?
  • curious to know why you seem to attract the same situations/patterns regarding money, romance, work colleagues, friends etc
  • keen to know more about past lives?


If so, an online or face to face natal chart reading may have you glowing with self-knowledge.

Anita interview for Cosmopolitan Life Magazine

Anita was interviewed in Dec 2020 for her Astrological expertise. The article describes how more women are seeking Astrologers for career guidance.

Anita is a Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. So you can be confident that her 4 year Diploma in Medieval Astrology is an internationally respected qualification. 

Advantages Of An Astrology Birth Chart Analysis

These insights (and more) may awaken something in you that invigorates your passion for life excited to achieve your destiny.

During your Natal Chart Reading Anita will identify and explain to you:

  • how you sabotage yourself from achieving your Life Purpose
  • your hidden talents/skills you may have forgotten, helping to rekindle your confidence and self esteem
  • what careers and vocations hat are identified in your chart,
  • why you may attract the same romantic partners which leave you unfulfilled, so you may go forward and seek a more suitable life partner
  • why your finances are the way they are, and ways in which you may be able to attract more money
  • common health issues that you may experience, so you can focus on addressing them (remember Anita is a fully qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist!)
  • your relationship with parents/siblings/work colleagues/friends and why some of these relationships work well, and others may be more challenging for you

Predictive Astrology Reading

Medieval Astrology

Are you:

  • at a crossroads in your life and unsure of which specific choices to make?
  • about to make big changes but are hesitating as you’re dubious of the road ahead?
  • excited to know of opportunities and challenges that may unfold for you in the coming months?

If so, an online or face to face 12 month Predictive Astrology Reading may be of value to you.

‘My consultation with Anita was a real pleasure! She was professional, down to earth, easy to talk to & her Astrological Predictions were spookily SPOT ON. It was a stressful time for me as I was facing redundancy & what Anita said gave me the guidance I needed. I’d thoroughly recommend her & will be using her services again in the future’

Want to hear of other client positive experiences of an Astrology session with Anita?

Synastry Astrology Reading

synastry Astrology

Are you:

  • single? Curious to know which of the coming months ahead are best for dating success?
  • seeing someone and keen to know if it’ll develop into a long-term committed relationship?
  • fed up with your Spouse? Thinking of separating? Astrology may remind you of all the things you used to love about your partner.
  • thinking of forming a Joint Business Venture? Eager to discover where you and your Business Partner may flourish? Where you may clash? Forearmed is forewarned!
If so, an online or face to face Synastry Reading may be advantageous to you.

Electional Astrology Reading

Or are you

…keen to find the most fortunate dates for you to:

  • launch a new website, blog, podcast, radio show
  • open a shop, café, restaurant, or any new business
  • unveil your new educational or promotional talks
  • give a big presentation
  • throw a big party
  • get married
Then an online or face to face Electional Astrology Reading may be invaluable to you.

What is Medieval Astrology?

Medieval Astrology first appeared in approximately 900 C.E and emanated from the Arab world, possibly Persia. This type of Astrology came to Europe during the Crusades and was systemised by the Astrologer Ibn Ezra (12th century), Guido Bonatti (13th Century), and many others.

Medieval Astrological analysis is complex, intricate but very black and white. Planets in certain zodiac signs are strong, in other signs they are weak. Specific houses are strong, others more diluted. Certain angles between planets are challenging, others harmonious. These composite layers build a picture of you currently, you in the future, and you with a romantic or business partner.