Your iris may reveal your past, present and future health issues quickly and simply.

Iridology - Biometric Identification

The iris is connected to every organ in the body via hundreds of thousands of nerves. The connections are from the eyes, through the brain, down the spinal column, and through the entire nervous system.

Our eyes are very individual and are used in Iris Recognition Technology for Biometric Identification’. Iris and Retinal scanners are considered to be almost as accurate as fingerprints for identification.

Iridology Session

During an Iridology session, Anita will look at your eyes to see specific:

  • patterns
  • lines
  • dark spots
  • colours
  • hollows

The positions of these markers will give Anita an indication of specific organs, or body systems (i.e. circulatory system, lymphatic system, nervous system etc) where you may be experiencing problems.

THESE problems could be inflammation, tissue degeneration, toxicity, over-stimulation, sluggishness, injury etc. Hence, Iridology can be a good indicator of dis-ease in its early stages, so it can be treated before they progress and become acute, or even chronic.

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Iridology is not entirely new

It was first practised in the 17th century but the latest version is credited to the 19th-century Hungarian doctor Dr Ignatz von Peczely. 

Dr Bernard Jensen is also considered the ‘Father of Iridology’ and he developed the ‘Iris Chart’ after many years of clinical observation and research.