Media coverage of Anita Chakraburtty in videos, podcasts, radio etc.


Interview with Astrologer Ana Isabel​

Did you know that different Medicinal Plants are connected to different Planets/Zodiac Signs. In this 30 min Podcast Anita is being interviewed by Ana Isabel who is an Astrologer but was also a Presenter, Writer and Producer for the BBC World Service.

Top 10 Herbs for Men's Health

Interested in Prostate Health? Low Libido? Depression? Alzheimer’s Disease? Stress? And other common health issues impacting men? Then listen to Anita being interviewed by Medical Intuitive & Best-Selling Author Catherine Carrigan. Anita is sharing her knowledge on clinical trials involving 10 herbs that may alleviate symptoms that may impact men’s physical and psychological wellbeing.

Interview by the National Herbalist Association

Watch this 7 minute interview to see Anita discussing natural remedies for fertility. Anita also talks about her move from being a Research Scientist at Astra Zeneca in the 1990’s to Banking and finally to Naturopathy.

SW London TV’s Denise Waterman - Naturopathy

Watch this 4 minute video of Anita Chakraburtty being interviewed by SW London TV’s Denise Waterman. Anita is explaining how herbs, nutrients and foods may relieve your chronic symptoms and get you feeling better!

SW London TV’s Denise Waterman - Astrology

Watch this 4 minute video of Anita Chakraburtty being interviewed by SW London TV’s Denise Waterman. Anita explains how Astrology can benefit you if you are going through major life changes (divorce, redundancy, relocation etc). Also, how Astrology may help you see opportunities & challenges ahead of you in uncertain times.

Dyslexia London Webinar from Nov 2020

The stress of the current pandemic may impact Dyslexic people more, as having Dyslexia may already make life for complex and stressful. Are you keen to reduce your stress naturally? Watch this webinar where Anita Chakraburtty explains herbs and nutrients that have clinical trial evidence with regards to reducing key stress indicators.


UK Health Radio Show ‘Business Health & Emotional Wealth’

Anita was interviewed in Nov 2021 by Paul & Deborah Rees on their UK Health Radio Show ‘Business Health & Emotional Wealth’. You’ll be able to hear about Anita’s career moves from Astra Zeneca, to Banking and then onto setting up her Health & Wellness Business both in Sydney & then the UK. Anita also discusses the tragedies she experienced along her business journey, and how she overcame them.

Brooklands Radio - Just Women Show

Curious to know how Anita went from working as a Research Scientist for Astra Zeneca in the 1990’s, to Banking and then to setting up her Healing Business in Sydney, then London? Listen to Anita being interviewed for 20mins by Broadcaster Mandy Dineley for Brooklands Radio on their ‘Just Women’ Show in Feb 2021.

Riverside Radio - 2019 Astological Predictions

Here’s Anita Chakraburtty being interviewed by the lovely Martin Adams on Riverside Radio. Anita discusses her Astrological predictions for 2019 as well as answering many health-related questions.

Interview with Iain Wilson - Riverside Radio

Here’s Anita Chakraburtty being interviewed by the hard-hitting, myth debunking DJ Iain Wilson on Riverside Radio. Iain is really keen on hearing the evidence to prove that Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Astrology, Shamanic Healing can be of benefit to people. Iain is a confirmed sceptic! Fortunately, Anita is a mine of scientific and empirical information related to al aspects of Holistic Health.


Here’s a 10 minute talk by Anita Chakraburtty on how specific herbs, food, nutrients may help reduce the effects of cellular ageing, boost your memory and reduce fatigue. Anita is armed with TONNES of Clinical data from scientific journals. Plus another10 minute talk on Menopause, Endometriosis, PCOS and other Women’s Reproductive Health issues.


Interview with Nutritionist and Podcaster Deborah MacLeod

Anita talks about how she went from Scientist, to working in finance, to becoming a Multi Dimensional Healer. It’s a terrific story that takes you from the UK to Australia and back to the UK. 


Academic Text Reviews

Anita was invited by Elsevier (the Scientific Publishing Company) to professionally peer review two academic texts prior to them going to print.

Anita's Story featured

Angel Detox: Taking Your Life to a Higher Level Through Releasing Emotional, Physical and Energetic Toxins

Anita’s story of leaving Risk Management and going into Alternative Medicine is outlined in this amazing book by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves .


Have a read of Anita Chakraburtty’s interview with Alexandra Causer of ‘South West Londoner’ as well as the video towards the end of the article. In the video, Anita gives her Astrological Prediction for the UK between 22nd Sept-21st Dec. The Video was recorded in early August, before Extinction Rebellion/Insulate Britan protests happened!

In a rut in your career? Is there talk of redundancy at your place of work? Curious about your Life Purpose? Read how a Natal chart analysis has helped many women who seeking career guidance. Anita was interviewed by Journalist Kat Smith in this Cosmopolitan Online Magazine article published in Dec 2020.

Read Anita Chakraburtty’s article in the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce magazine, Business Connexions (page 26) where she explains how to use herbs, foods, supplements and lifestyle changes to improve your mood, energy and your immune system so that you are more productive at work.

Public Speaking

Association for Astrological Networking March 21

Anita was invited to speak in March 2021 at the Association for Astrological Networking. The subject was ‘Care and Community’ but more specifically, how Anita merges her Herbal Medicine/Nutritional work with her Medieval Astrology work.