Frequently asked questions

Take a look at some of the most popular questions, or contact me for more information.

Anita sees the majority of her Naturopathy clients via Zoom, Whatsapp Video or telephone.

As a Registered Naturopath with over 10 years in Clinical practice both in Sydney and the UK, Anita has dealt with hundreds of clients taking a wide variety of medicines. Anita performs a full analysis of the pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics of any medicines you are taking, to ensure there are no adverse interactions with herbs/vitamins/foods etc


Your 1st session will last 1hr and during that initial consult Anita will go through EVERYTHING! Your mood/energy levels/sleep/your bowel motions/your menstrual cycle/your diet/past medical history/allergies & intolerances…and more!

Follow up sessions are 3-4weeks later and usually last 30 mins. But if you feel you’d like more time, you may have a longer session.

They’ll be posted to your home address or work address via Royal Mail Special Delivery. The delivery cost depends on the weight of the contents.

If you take the herbs/nutritional supplements as instructed and follow Anita’s dietary and lifestyle recommendations, you may start to feel improvements after 2-3 weeks. Sometimes earlier, if you’ve not had your health issue for very long. But if you’ve been suffering for many years with a variety of symptoms, it may take 4-6 weeks for you to start to feel some relief.

As a registered Naturopath, Anita is trained to look at blood/urine tests and can also order additional tests via your GP or via Private Laboratories.

Anita will need your 1) Date of Birth 2) Time of Birth 3) City of Birth. If you don’t know your time of birth, don’t panic! The Astrological Standard is to use midday where there is no time of birth available.

1hr and the session can be done online via Zoom, Whatsapp Video or telephone.

You are welcome to take notes, but all Astrology sessions are digitally recorded by Anita and she’ll email you a link for you to download an audio of the session.

A Birth Chart Reading may help you be more self-aware and understand patterns in your life to date. It may help you recognise your attitudes/approaches to money, decisions, personal & work relationships. It may also reveal hidden talents you’ve forgotten, your past lives, ideal career etc

A 12 month Predictive Reading may identify future opportunities ahead for you and perhaps future challenges. It may be of benefit to you if you are already in a state of flux with your job/home/relationships/money, or if you are feeling stuck and want to initiate changes. Forearmed is forewarned!

Anita requests that clients come to a session with 3 or 4 goals. These can be Physical/Material/Spiritual/Emotional…anything you like! Its YOUR session. But these aims will be the focus for your session.

At the start of your session, Anita calls on all your Spirit Guides/Ancestors/Animal Spirits/Guardian Angels/your Higher Self etc to be present. Fortunately, they are not limited by space/time/location!! Plus, by wearing headphones during the session, you will also feel the vibrational benefit of the Sound Healing part of the session.

Are you an Empath? Are you sensitive to energies? People’s emotions? Do you have vivid dreams? Are you already interested in Spirituality? Chakras? Spirit Guides? By having a session, setting goals, connecting with the ‘Esoteric Team’ around you and re-aligning your energy field, you may get the boost to make your goals manifest.