The whole experience was insightful, interesting and enjoyable. Anita was thorough, professional and had prepared a comprehensive reading.

It was fascinating to have her take me through my ‘chart’. I liked the fact we could also have an open discussion on topics where I needed more clarification and understanding of the relevance.

Amanda, Sydney

I had spent over 10 years going to doctors and dermatologists about a pimply rash on my chest and face and none of them were able to help at all. Each one gave me a new medication that didn't make any difference to my skin whatsoever. I went to see Anita when the rash was getting worse and worse and I started getting quite self-conscious about it, with a few days it had improved out of sight and completely gone within a few months! Even now after stopping the herbal medicines, it has stayed completely gone and there's been no signs of it returning.

She also managed to sort out some issues with my digestion that I had had for as long as I can remember.

It was very enjoyable and comfortable working with Anita and at no stage did I feel like she was taking advantage or trying to push products or information that I didn't need and I couldn't be more grateful for her help.

Belinda, Sydney

'You should go and see Anita. She gave my partner this potion and five minutes later she was pregnant!'

David, Brisbane

Anita is very approachable and down to earth. Her knowledge is incredible and she has helped me in a number of areas, most importantly getting pregnant - twice! I recommend Anita to friends as I really like her approach to resolving health problems and the natural remedies she provides.

Dawn, Sydney

“This was quite an interesting experience for me as I felt Anita knew me (I am a closed person and do not share much) It is magical how the alignment of stars can reveal much about a person and with that how you can use and shape it to your advantage. Definitely worth checking out"

Inn, Sydney

I have had several Shamanic Healing sessions from Anita Chakrabortty and am sad that she has moved from Sydney to London and I can’t see her anymore.

Her healing sessions were paramount in restoring my health, both physical and emotional. Her sessions left me with an increased confidence in my body and mind to be able to continue and grow. They also helped to manage my pain from my knee that I have had after surgery some years before.

Her healing sessions were relaxing and at the same time uplifting giving me a haven and opportunity to rest and be held safe in the session, leaving me feeling revitalized and ready to meet the world again.

I would recommend Anita and her amazing skills, sensitivity and forthrightness to anybody and would gladly keep seeing her if she came back to Australia.

Joanna, Sydney

I have known Anita for a few years now. After meeting her for the first time, her caring personality brought me to talk to her more and I became her client. I have had several Astrology readings with Anita. I believe she is accurate. Her predictions have come true for me. I remember Anita advising me not to travel on specific dates. But, I did…and it was not the holiday I would have hoped for!!

She is a healer as well. When we met, she used energy healing to help my perennially dislocating shoulder. It eased the pain. I’d definitely recommend a session with Anita.

Karthik, Sydney

'Anita has a unique approach to herbal medicine and attended to me in a time of great stress in a very empathic, compassionate and intuitive way. The thing I like about Anita is that although she has exceptional knowledge she doesn't judge your illness or presentation but rather sees it as her detective work - combining all her modalities physical, emotional, astrological and spiritual - Anita cares and wants to get to the bottom of the issue to restore the body back to optimum health. I gladly sing the praises of Anita for she truly is a unique practitioner'

Mellanie, Sydney

My Shamanic healing session with Anita was one of the BEST energy healing treatments I have ever had. Once I settled into a comfortable position, my descent into a healing space crept up on me and I only realised I had entered a deep relaxation zone when the session was brought to an end. It’s hard to describe what it felt like but I’ve tried a few other practitioners and Anita was one of the most intuitive, caring and talented healers I’ve come across.

Each session has been slightly different but I look forward to them each time and she never disappoints.

Michael, Sydney

Anita is a wonderful person and really easy to approach to. Her herbs and treatment really helped my body and mind to revive. Me and my husband both will always thank her to help us get that positive thinking. She is such a pleasure to talk to.

Nafisa, Sydney

My husband and I has been trying for three and half years before we came to see Anita. It was a shot in the dark as we didn’t know much about her or Naturopathy but the very first meeting with Anita and we both knew we had made the right decision. Her approach was holistic as she addresses both emotional and physical issues and how they impact on one another, which was such a refreshing change from all the fertility specialist we had consulted in the past.

She is very knowledgeable, empathetic and very easy to talk to and I would recommend her to anyone I know with utmost conviction that they would be just as pleased to consult her as we are. Thank you Anita, you gave us the gift of pure bliss.

Tasneem, Sydney

“When I was first introduced to Anita I was struck by her jovial personality, and I quickly felt comfortable with her. She explained that my Astrology chart and our discussion of it could be done remotely, me being in New York and her in Sydney Australia. While I was at first a bit sceptical, my hesitations fell completely to the wayside as Anita led me through my complete chart via Skype.

Anita took the time to explain both detailed and broader points and invited me to interject with questions. This was the first time that I have had my chart done, and I found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. Anita unearthed matters that no one but myself would know. I highly recommend Anita for her Astrology services, and I plan to schedule another session with her in the near future myself.”

Ty, New York

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