An Astrological Prediction of What May Unfold Politically & Economically for the UK Oct-Dec 2021

Keen to know what will happen in the UK in the next few months?

The Astrological Chart drawn on the Autumn Equinox gives an indication on what may unfold politically, socially & economically for the UK from now till 21st Dec 2021.

There are indications of dramas/big changes for either Senior Cabinet members or even Boris Johnson. However, Pluto next to the UK’s MC also represents possible drama/big changes as regards the Senior Royals/the Queen. The fact that all this takes place in the UK’s 9th House means that Government or Royal Family dramas may be triggered by 1) The Law 2) A published book 3) Events overseas. Pluto also relates to secrets, so it may be that previously hidden things are revealed connected to 1) The Cabinet 2) Boris Johnson 3) The Queen/Royal Family.

The Sun (which represents the Prime Minister/The Queen/Senior Royals) is next to Mars in the 6th House in the UK Chart. Mars relates to riots, rebellion, aggression. The 6th house relates to The Workers/Trade Unions/Military/Public Health. Mercury is also in the 6th House, and Mercury represents schools, Political Speeches, Rail Air and Sea Travel and Postal Services. It represents all forms of communication.

Between now and 21st December there may be strikes (Nurses, Doctors, Train Drivers and areas where Trade Unions are strong). There may also be aggression/anger directed towards Senior Royals/The Queen/Senior Cabinet members/Boris Johnson. There may also be increasing public protests/demonstrations. The Government may use the Military more to control the public over the next few months. Or perhaps the Military may go on strike too?!!

The Moon (which represents ‘The People’) is in the 12th house of the UK Chart and this house relates to Hospitals/Prisons/Universities and anti-establishment tendencies. Prisoners/Students may start to demonstrate/protest. Or perhaps more people may be in hospital with ill health between Oct and December 21st.

Uranus is in the 1st House of the UK Chart. It represents innovation, science and technology. So perhaps more British people will be breaking new ground in the areas of Science and Technology. However Uranus is also the planet of rebellion and dissent, so the public may be rioting/protesting and pushing for change in the UK.

Jupiter (which represents the Law/Universities/Senior Royals/The Queen/Religious Leaders is next to Saturn in the UK’s 10th House. Saturn relates to the Civil Service/Legal System/Control. We may see more legislation the erode our civil liberties. Plus the Legal System may punish a Senior Royal/Senior Clergy for legal breaches. Perhaps Universities or their students may come under scrutiny by the Law or systems of control such as the Police.

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