How Could Naturopathy benefit you physically / psychologically? Here’s A Client’s Experience In Their Own Words

Want to know how herbs, vitamins and flower essences may boost you?

I started working with Anita at the start of 2021; at the time I met Anita, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and I’d bottled up my emotions for so long that I wasn’t even sure how I was quite feeling. I hadn’t quite realised, but not only was I struggling with symptoms of PCOS and lack of periods, but I was also struggling with digestion and stress management issues.

In regards to PCOS symptoms, I was experiencing dark hair growth on my face, lack of periods, and dry, flaky skin and scalp. After one hour consultation with Anita, she reassured me that she could get my symptoms under control in no time, and that I would get my periods back within three months; she prescribed me with a liquid herb mixture, flower essences and a vegan multivitamin.

After taking the flower essences that night and the morning after, I felt instant relief: it felt as if my brain was empty, in a good way, and that I didn’t have 1 million thoughts flying round my head stressing me out anymore. I was able to sleep much more easily and it was a much deeper sleep than I previously was experiencing. Within a week of taking the prescribed herbs, flower essences and multivitamins, I already felt far more energised and that I didn’t need to nap daily to get through the day. I also felt that because my mind felt clearer, I was able to work more productively and not waste time stressing and procrastinating.

I got my period back within the first month, which was a first for me, since I was 14 I have had a lack of periods and after being on birth control for about seven years I didn’t think my body could bounce back that quickly – I definitely know it wouldn’t have without the prescription. Some months on now, I have been regularly ovulating and getting my period around the 30th day of the month which means that my periods are now regular and that my body is working as it should be with the help of Anita‘s herbal remedy.

I tell everyone that Anita is an absolute miracle worker and I would recommend her to anyone with any issues, but especially PCOS and hormonal imbalances because I trust that Anita could help balance any-body. Thanks to Anita, I trust that when I’m ready to, I’ll be able to fall pregnant easily and start a family, with the knowledge that my body is healthy and ready. (Chamiah, London)


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