Spring Equinox March 2023 UK Socio-Political Outlook

Want to know what the outlook for the UK may be in 2023 Economically/Politically/Socially?

The Astrological Chart of the Spring Equinox March 2023 describes the outlook for the UK until March 2024. We may see an increase in the birth rate, but also an increase in addiction rates via drugs/alcohol. People desire escapism via sex, drugs etc but also via other pleasurable activities such as theatre/cinema/sports. This may be a very creative/cultural year for the UK!


Financial Outlook for the UK

As people seek ‘Quick Wins’ to make ‘Big Bucks’ due to their financial burdens, we may see an increase in fraud cases. Banks may also be involved in speculation that may lead to big losses.


Spring Equinox Chart London March 2023
Spring Equinox Chart London March 2023

UK Health Outlook

The health industry may grow dramatically in 2023. This may be via increased NHS funding. It may also be through an expansion in the Alternative Healing industry, as people with long wait times to access GP’s/Specialists seek Complementary therapists instead. There may be growth in the Private Health sector too, with people more willing to pay for scans/testing/surgery.

Jupiter (Travel) Mercury (Communication/Rail/Sea) both in the house of health indicate a big growth in Medical Tourism too.

There may be increased spending in the Armed Forces, Civil Service, Public Sector after many years of cuts.

We may see more Socialist ideals from the incumbent government or the Royal family with the Sun in the 6th house. Or possible health issues with a senior Royal or the Prime Minister due to burnout/nervous exhaustion/lung/hand problems.

The rights of women and the safety of women in foreign countries may become a more prominent issue for the UK. Or perhaps we may see more female Presidents/Prime Ministers in foreign countries in 2023.

There may be a transformation/rebirth in the Labour Party and they may uncover secrets that may cause upset for the Conservative Party. Or the issue of pollution/sewage in rivers or perhaps mining/fracking may increase opposition to the Tories in 2023.

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