Using Astrology To Plan For Your Business

Want to get ahead of your Competitor? Use auspicious Astrological dates to your advantage

The 2 weeks from New Moon to Full Moon. As the Moon is growing in size/light it signifies growth and an increase in ‘visibility’.

The 3 weeks of your birthday month by Zodiac sign. If your birthday is 7th August, initiate anytime between 23rd July and 17th Aug when the Sun is in Leo. By Solar Astrology this means the Sun is in your 1st House, so its all about YOU for 3 weeks!

Although Leo ends 23rd Aug it is best not to launch in the last week of a Zodiac sign, as it is losing energy/power.

The Sun is strong in Fire Signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) so launching anything in those Zodiac months may be beneficial to your Strategy/Project/Marketing Initiative.

Optimal Dates To Launch a Website/Blog/New Business

Aries best Launch Dates: 21st March-14th April

Leo Best Launch Dates:23rd July-17th August

Sagittarius Best Launch Dates:  22nd Nov-16th Dec

Launching something around lunchtime, when the Sun is at its highest is a good time, but failing that, a daylight launch (when the Sun is above the Horizon) is best.


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