Are You Listening to the Guidance from your Animal Spirit Guides?

A few weeks ago, I was walking along the pavement where I live in Tooting. Guess who I saw walking on the pavement ahead of me? A SQUIRREL!!! Not in a garden, not in a park, but walking on the pavement in front of me!. You are ALL given messages from your Animal Spirits every day.

The Squirrel made several attempts to cross the road, getting almost halfway then retreating hurriedly to the pavement for safety as a car sped along the road. At its 4th attempt it made it across the road, and I felt like cheering!

As a Shamanic Healer I know seeing that squirrel in such an unusual situation was a message for me. Squirrels relate to gathering and storing your Harvest to keep you alive in Winter. Squirrels messages are about being alert, watchful, poised to act (notice the way they stand on their back legs, upright, watchful).

Squirrels also signify being prepared for big changes in your life. So, thanks to the squirrel I have been watchful, alert and reducing unnecessary spending. Its courageous attempts to cross the road are also a sign for me to keep trying, even in situations where I feel I’m hitting a brick wall.

You are ALL given messages from your Animal Spirits every day. You may watch a news item about Otters, then a few hours later a friend may call and mention on her holiday in Scotland she saw wild otters. Then on your way to work you may see a schoolkid with an otter rucksack! Seeing an animal 3 times or more in a short space of time, is a message for you. Otters are about letting go of control and being more playful in your life.

Curious to know more about your Animal Spirit Guide? Interested in experiencing the benefits of a Shamanic Healing?
During a Shamanic Healing when you are in a relaxed and open state, your Animal Spirit Guides may come to you in your minds eye. Each animal signifies a different piece of guidance. Some lucky people are even able to hear their Animal Spirit’s guidance! If you don’t see/hear them in the session, they may appear to you afterwards in real life, via adverts on buses/TV shows or even on T-shirts worn by your friends, colleagues or passers-by. Your Animal Spirits find inventive ways to get your attention!

Anita Chakraburtty trained with Medicine Crow, a Cherokee Chief to learn Shamanic Healing Techniques. Her apprenticeship took 7 years.

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