Suffering from Long COVID? A recent Naturopathy client saw improvements in a few weeks

What happened to her symptoms after 3 weeks of herbs/nutrition

I recently had a client who was suffering with Long COVID since March 2020. Her symptoms were 1) Brain fog & poor memory 2) Exhaustion (She was going to bed at 8pm every night) 3) Minimal sense of smell (which is an issue if you can’t smell a gas leak, or food that may have gone off) 4) Low mood 5) digestive issue that she had prior to having COVID 6) Breathlessness on minor exertion.

I posted her a single tailor-made bottle of liquid herbs and Nutritional supplements. I also advised her of diet & lifestyle changes.

Here is her account of what happened to her symptoms after 3 weeks of herbs/nutrition:

‘I went to see Anita when my post-covid symptoms persisted 15 months after I contracted Covid-19. In about 3 weeks I saw a marked improvement in my energy levels, brain fog, sense of smell and mood. She also helped me with digestive system issues which predated covid. Thank you Anita!’

Do you have friends/family who have Long COVID and are not getting any better?

If so, get them to email me or we can have a free chat on 07757 540 436. I’d love to help more people see an improvement in their symptoms!